A variation of orthopaedic exams and treatments for bone and muscle pain

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The body's ability to move is a complex interplay between many different muscles, joints, organs and our skeleton. Injury or pain in one of them affects how we move and can lead to stiffness and a lowered quality of life. Unfortunately, the healthcare system's lines are long and many are forced to go months with with pain in their body while waiting for an appointment. 

Swedish MedCare offers multiple orthopaedic treatments that can help you get back to an active life again. We have no referral requirement for our treatments, and we have available appointments within 2 - 3 weeks. Our doctors and therapists have extensive expertise and long experience working with treating various orthopaedic issues. 

Förbättrad diagnostik med AMRA® Profiler

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AMRA® Profiler är ett verktyg som ger stöd vid diagnos och övervakning av metabola och muskel-relaterade sjukdomar. AMRA omvandlar 3D MR bilder från en snabb helkropps-scan till kvantitativa fett- och muskelvärden. 

AMRA® Profiler avger ingen joniserande strålning, och ger exceptionell mätnoggranhet och precision vid mätning av individens fett och muskler, samt fett-fördelning och metabol status. Med detta verktyg kan vi se högt visceralfett och dålig fett-fördelning och däri upptäcka ökad risk för typ II Diabetes och hjärt- kärlsjukdomar. 

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Cross-borde healthcare service

Every year our doctors and therapists help thousands of patients with their orthopaedic concerns. They are specialists in their areas and have experience working with nordic patients. As with all of our services you get a complete package when booking with SMC, where the treatment, all transport in Riga to and from the clinic, and a personal assistant are all included in the price. 

Pricing: varies (depending on treatment)


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* Statistics from the Swedish Cancer Foundation and World Health Organization (WHO). 

Our Orthopaedic Treatments

Our Orthopaedic Clinic

Traumatology – Orthopaedics

- Bone and joint injuries
- Bone fracture complications
- Untreated bone fractures

Healthcare worker putting cast on patient

Endoscopic Surgery

Foot Surgery

Spinal Surgery

- Arthroscopy (knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and ankle)
- Joint stabilizing surgery (knee, shoulder, foot)

- Big toe deformaties
- Foot reconstruction

- Conservative handling and surgery of spinal disease
- Treatment of spinal displacement in the waist and neck regions


Male doctor during surgery


- Primary and revision (knee, hip, shoulder and ankle)


- Diagnostics and treatment of over 100 rheumatic conditions and arthritis 

Patient getting massage therapy for their hand

Our Team

Here are some of our skilled surgeons and rehabilitation doctors, that will take care of you at our clinic.  For your comfort we have interpreters at the ready - otherwise everyone at the clinic speaks English. 

Anastasia Novicenko
Dr. Vitols Jukevics
Dr. Andrejs Peredistijs

Orthopaedic surgeon at the clinic

Dr. Vitolds Jurkevics

Anastasia Novicenko

Swedish speaking client coordinator

Dr. Andrejs Peredistijs

Orthopaedic surgeon at the clinic

Book TreatmentBook Treatment

- Joint issues

- Spine and arthritic problems

- Injuries and fractures

- Sport trauma

Get treated for:

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Two healthy men jogging in the sunset

- Consultation with Traumatology-Orthopaedic specialist
- Thorough exams, ultrasound, X-ray, CT (computer tomography), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
- Meticulous diagnostics
- Personalized treatment plan
- Surgery
- Post surgery care
- Rehabilitation at the clinic 3 times per day for 5 days

Orthopaedic treatment includes:

- Leave the clinic without the need of aid: extend your rehabilitation with up to 9 days (for a total of 14 days rehabilitation), and leave the clinic in a good enough condition that medical aid is not needed. 

- Therapeutic gymnastics
- Massage
- Manual treatment
- Fascia release / stretching technique
- Kinesiology taping 
- Physical procedure (magnetic therapy, ultrasound treatment / phonophores, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)


Rehab massage on man's back and neck

For those with doctor's referral: reimbursement of costs from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

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We take care of all logistics and communication with the Swedish Social Insurance Office on your behalf. 

How It Works

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Travel to Riga


Follow up

PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma)

PRP is a treatment that uses plasma (blod platelets) from the patients own blood, to expedite the natural healing of muscles, joits, and tendons for ex. Blood is taken from the patient and the healing plasma is extracted, and then later injected back into the injured part of the body with the guidance of ultrasound. The method is often used for various orthopaedic injuries with great success.

Lab personnel testing blood sample